Unison Bureaucracy Unmasked

£5 /copy (2014)

In 2007, four trade unionists from different UNISON branches were publicly and unjustly accused of racism. Yet all were committed anti-racists and led well-run union branches.
Why would a trade union turn against its own activists? All four are well-known members of the Socialist Party. But this provides only part of the explanation; the bureaucracy was also driven by a desire to make the union safe for its full-time machine, and safe for the Labour Party.
This book tells the story of the ultimately victorious campaign and legal challenge that cleared them of all charges, and which exposed the true nature of UNISON’s bureaucracy.

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Let us Rise! The Dublin Lockout – it’s impact and legacy

With foreword by Joe Higgins


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Sacked Belfast Airport Workers: Defending real trade unionism

£2 (2008)

Who would have thought back in 2002,  that when a group of low paid airport security workers went on strike for a fifty pence an hour pay rise, the action would be the start of a six year battle for justice, not only from their employer, but also from their union? Who would have thought that this struggle would involve not just pickets and demonstrations at the airport, but also protests and even hunger strikes outside their union offices in Belfast and in London?

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Water-PamphletWe Won’t Pay! How to defeat water charges

£1 (2007)

Socialist Party pamphlet written during the successful campaign to stop the introduction of water charges in Northern Ireland.

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We are workers, not slaves – The story of the GAMA struggle

£4 (2006)

In 2005 a group of Turkish workers made history in Ireland when they took on their employer, Turkish-owned multinational construction giant GAMA.

Assisted by the Socialist Party, whose members first exposed the scandalous wages and conditions being paid by GAMA, they engaged in a bitter and hard fought battle which eventually brought GAMA to heel.

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1798: Revolution in Ireland

£2 (1998)

The United Irishmen were a consciously internationalist force inspired by the most profoundly revolutionary events the world had yet seen. Whatever their weaknesses, if there is one thing that socialists can draw inspiration from, it is this spirit of thoroughgoing internationalism.

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